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The Story

Why did we create ApexDucks NFTs? Simple – there was a huge gap in the market, perfectly sized for some magnificent mallards to waddle into; really, who else would look down on other NFTs with the same disdain as our ApexDucks do?
Let’s jump to the Roadmap!


“ApexLounge” 3 Blockchain Games

Join us in the ApexLounge, where you can browse our blockchain games before you go head-to-head with other ApexDuck holders to win! We have, so far, 3 exciting blockchain games in the works for you to enjoy and let out your competitive side! Get ready to play with (or against) other ApexDuck holders for the incredible prizes on offer!

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ApexDucks Team

The ApexDucks Core Team met organically through cryptocurrency investing and, between us, we are well connected in the DeFi space, with a wide range of experience and talent, giving us a great foundation to start something incredible; something larger than life; something simply APEX. Our team is built on trust, experience and friendship, making us completely unstoppable. We’re excited to bring you along on our NFT journey!

ApexDucks NFT Team

Follow the biggest duck migration in the history of NFTs

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