1. What Network will the ApexDucks Launch on?

ApexDucks will be Solana NFTs!

2. How many ApexDucks are available?

There are 7,777 ApexDucks available & 200 will be randomly minted by the ApexDucks Team for marketing and giveaways, to promote the project.

3. When can I mint some ApexDucks?

Minting will begin on the 3rd October 2021 – 7PM UTC.

4. What will the minting price be for ApexDucks?

The standard mint price is 2 SOL, the Whitelist price is 1.5 SOL.

5. What is the benefit to getting in on your Whitelist?

Whitelist offers you the chance to mint your ApexDucks at the cheapest possible mint price!

6. How will the Whitelisters get discounted mint price?

Simply, everyone will mint for the same mint price and, if you are Whitelisted, we will process refunds for the discount amount – you will be able to mint up to 3 ApexDucks NFTs with your Whitelist discount. Anything over the 3, will be full price. This makes the process as smooth as possible for everyone!

7. Do Whitelisters get early access to mint?

No, all minting will take place on the 1st of October, until the ApexDucks are sold out. Whitelist simply provides a fantastic discount for up to 3 NFTs.

8. Is there utility to the ApexDucks?

Yes! ApexDucks has so many exciting things in store:

• “Most Wanted” Puzzle Game, involving Minted Ducks with prizes for their holders.
• Comic Strips released weekly, again with Minted Ducks starring in them and prizes for their holders.
• A token will be released to support the ApexDucks project – holders of the ApexDucks NFTs will gain passive tokens!
• Generation 2 ApexDucks (with a special twist) that are ONLY mintable if you hold an original, Generation 1 ApexDuck! Release date not yet announced.

Follow the biggest duck migration in the history of NFTs

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